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With enviroDPMS and its Enviro Multiple Clean Rooms Monitoring Software, it is now possible to simultaneously, effectively and conveniently monitor the Differential Pressure, Temperature and RH, in multiple clean rooms in the Pharma plant (even if there are hundreds of them in a single plant) from one single central location, 24x7 on a real time basis. It is possible to do this accurately, maintaining full Data Integrity, thereby assisting in GMP. 


Key Features & Benefits


  • The enviroDPMS solution accurately monitors the Differential Pressure, the temperature and the Relative Humidity, of the pharma Clean Rooms.


  • The accurate monitoring is done 24x7, every second of the day.


  • It also logs the readings at set intervals, and the events if any, in a tamper proof manner, in compliance with 21 CFR guidelines of US FDA, thereby ensuring accuracy and Data Integrity.


  • In the event of any deviations from the set limits of the parameters, it raises an equipment specific alarm, generating a pop up on the monitor of the central administrator and at the same time sending an sms and an email to the officials concerned and sounds a hooter in the corridor. 


  • As the alarm is given in real time, specifying the equipment and therefore the Clean Room concerned, the necessary corrective action can also be initiated immediately, before any consequential harm sets in.


  • All this is done simultaneously, with the help of our Multiple Clean Rooms Monitoring Software, at all the Clean Rooms in the plant, even if there are hundreds of them, from one central location of the administrator. It makes the whole process of monitoring accurate, timely, convenient, effective and therefore more meaningful at the same time.


  • What is more, the designated officials at the HO can take a look at the monitoring being done in any of the plants across India, for a real time audit if and when they want to, or access the feature rich MIS reports.

Technical Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Display Type

4 Digit Seven Segment Display                                                
ROW1     : Time     

ROW 2 : Process Value

Led Indication

Channel Number,

Alarm :High /Low

Memory Full Alarm, Negative Sign, Unit’s Parameter (Pascal/mmWC, Percent /Faranhite, %RH)

Transaction Capacity 10,000
No of Channel 3
Channel Type

1. Differential pressure   

2. Temperature   

3. Humidity

Sensor Type

1. Differential Pressure (Internal Analog Sensor)
2.Temperature sensor external: PT100, 4-20mA, 0 to 1V (factory settable)

3. Humidity sensor external: 0 to 1V, 0 to 3.3V, 4-20mA (factory settable)
Input Range Specification

1. Diff. Pressure:- (0 to 100mmWC) (Inbuilt)
2. Temperature:- PT 100: (-90°C to 390°C )

3.  Humidity :- (0 to 100%RH)
Channel Resolution

1. Diff. Pressure:- 0.1 mmWC

2. PT100 :-  0.1°C (depend on Sensor)
3. Humidity :- 0.1%RH  (depend on Sensor)
Keypad 4 Keys (Menu, Up, Down, Enter)
Communication port 2 no.  RS 485  (1st  RS485 for PC Comm. &  2nd for External Display)

Software Features

Software Architecture Multiple Cleanrooms & Multiple Plants can be monitored centrally
Alarm & Alerts Alerts by way of Email & SMS can be sent to multiple authorities
Interface Cloud Enabled Web Interface
Database SQL Server
Audit Trail Database (SQL) & GUI both supports audit trail
Reports MIS Reports & Graphs for audit & Analysis. Also value Added Customization of report is possible

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